Thursday, 5 July 2012


There was this person at a company I worked with in the past, who managed to climb the corporate ladder faster than light, getting from a mere professional to MD within a couple of years. It came to an end recently. I spotted a brief mention on a trade news website that this person is off to greener pastures - due to restructuring (aka. redundancy).

Two thoughts occurred to me:
  1. Yet another example that in business we are not irreplaceable (at home, among family - absolutely, in the corporate environment - unlikely)
  2. I saw people rise to the top faster due to alliance rather than merit - it won't last. All you need is a change in the reporting lines and unless you are there because you deserve it, you'll be replaced sooner than you think.
Don't aspire to climb, aspire to grow. You'll get further, achieve more and will be happier.

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