Saturday, 21 November 2009

Integrated marketing communication

Just another day, going home after work, waiting for the train at a busy city underground station, and suddenly I find myself checking out a billboard, giving me about 10 good reasons to visit a well known, online auction site to do my Christmas shopping at.
A couple of minutes later the exact same message reaches my consciousness as my mind surfaces from deep thoughts about the podcast I’m listening to. This time, the advertisement is printed on the page of the free metro magazine (Sydney’s mX) the person next to me is holding. And now I remember. I also saw the same advertisement online, earlier today.

I get home, routinely switch on the laptop and of course, while my emails are loading I’m on the auction site – for just a quick look.

Three touchpoints in one day that I can instantly and knowingly recall plus a message with ‘call to action’ (price point, Christmas) and I, as well as thousands of others are hooked. In today’s world, when a person gets bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day, and ROI is at utmost importance, ‘success requires maximum efficiency and effectiveness’. Therefore, for any marketer,
integrated marketing communication is no longer the goal, but the absolute minimum. .

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