Wednesday, 23 December 2009

2010: the focus will continue to be on digital media

With only days before the decade is over, a myriad of articles, blog posts, comments have been posted recently, about the last ten years that was, and the future of media, with particular attention to digital.

Sure, marketing is still what it always was. That is figuring out what the audience wants and what the business is capable of to make a profit (
Batchelor), however a structural change is underway in the messaging, the platforms and product-user interaction in today’s marketing campaigns.

Advertisers always follow audiences and not the other way around. So with the audience’s continuous shift to online, marketers are following steadily. Digital as part of any marketing mix can no longer be ignored. Whether that component is a viral campaign, an application, social media, microsite, mobile, display or search – or a combination of these.

That covers paid media. How about all the information that is being said about the brand, the company or the product that we may represent. Well, this is why online presence is critical. Marketers, have long lost control of what is being said about their brands in the digital world, which is why it’s ever more so important to continuously interact, engage and converse with consumers. And in 2010, digital will still be the best way to do that.

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