Friday, 18 December 2009

‘Threat marketing’ – bad marketing

Two young men set up a stall in the mall the other day to promote their newly opened natural therapy centre in the city. I stopped, chatted, and after only a few minutes I made an appointment for the next day.
Upon arriving to the building’s lobby, at first I hesitated, as there was no signage at the downstairs elevator. I ventured upstairs eventually, found the place, but there were still no signs anywhere in sight. White walls, reception area. I must have been surprised, as the apologetic therapist explained they just opened up this second centre in the city and are using all their signage at the promotion at the mall.
We went through some routine checks and my therapist eyes grew larger by the minute telling me how important it was for me to sign up to their programme to avoid any further damage…
Ten minutes later the chat was over, and I couldn’t have been out the door faster.

How is that for bad marketing and sales tactics?

First impressions matter.
Be ready before you open for business.
Build trust with potential clients before the sell.
Don’t use intimidating sales tactics, they seldom work.

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