Saturday, 4 December 2010

Visual persuasion – powerful stuff

The various tools that are available to a marketer, have their advantages and disadvantages. What a TVC can do, that is combining vision and sound, no other medium was able to before video became widespread on the internet. Radio can do the latter, and print can do the former and while each are reduced to half of that what a TVC can offer, work of generations ensured that both have mastered theirs respectively.

Radio commercials are over in 30 seconds (or in an ephemeral 15 seconds or less) like most TVC’s, but visual advertisement is something you can linger on for much longer; exploring it, immersing yourself in it, uncovering the hidden or not so hidden messages and let the picture speak to you. In fact, there is so much information that can be conveyed through seeing, that sight is often quoted as an intelligence rather than a sense. Radio also has its place, but it will only suit certain brands at certain times. Hence it’s not an accident that you have never heard a prestige watch being advertised on an FM station.

imageSome visual ads however are works of art…
I spotted the this Rolex advertisement on the BBC's site this morning and one word came to my mind: exquisite. There is more information in this  image than what a 30 second radio commercial or even a TVC could convey. It ‘speaks’ of quality, luxury, prestige, and style. It also conveys the message the the ‘Yacht-Master II’ watch is durable and waterproof. To me, it’s also elegant and timeless. And there you have it. A visual advertisement that achieved what it set out to do.  And because visual ads are ‘silent’, one way to do this is printing the words you want to convey. For example ‘the Yacht-Master II Rolex watches are in store. They are durable and timeless and also make a perfect Christmas present.’ Or, marketers, as they do, can use juxtaposition. Why? Because more often than not, a juxtaposed product has a much stronger persuasive power than the product by itself. Without stating words explicitly, a picture can convey several key messages by relying on the audience’s intuition. You look at an image and it all happens almost immediately. It never has to be said out loud, but it’s understood.
Visual persuasion. Powerful stuff.

* A marketer can achieve an integrated marketing campaign by using the same image on the website and also in all of their other visual collateral.

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