Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Olympics - who will you cheer for?

I'm a product of our global world, left home young, and if you think uprooting is hard, try 're-rooting' (aka. finding your new home). Much harder.

It occurred to me this morning that if someone asked me today what my nationality was, while I would still answer Hungarian, I would probably pause and think for a moment first... In a couple of months it will be 13 years since I left the 'motherland' which is 40% of my lifetime. (neat way of avoiding to mention exact age, don't you think?)

So who will I support? It would have to be Hungary and Australia - in that order - and add in Ireland, to show solidarity to my 'other half'.

But here is the interesting thing. If you ask me in eight years, the list may look different. I'm a product of our global world.

Who will you support?

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