Monday, 15 September 2014

Programmatic bidding: Buy, buy, baby | The Economist

Insight into the exciting world of programmatic advertising:

"JONA MICI, A 27-year-old media trader, sits in front of her screen at Varick Media Management, a real-time advertising company in New York, and explains how she uses superfast algorithms to buy 20m-30m advertising “impressions” a day. Today one of her clients, an American bank, has asked her to find new customers. At first she guides the algorithm to buy as many impressions as possible near bank branches. Then she narrows her targets, choosing criteria that produce a better hit rate. For example, she finds that tablet users sign up more often than iPhone users, and afternoon seems to be a better time than morning. She instructs the algorithm to bid more for consumers that have recently visited the bank’s website, who may be more easily persuaded. In her office less than two miles from Wall Street, Ms Mici embodies the excitement and entrepreneurialism of an industry in the midst of momentous change."

more at: Programmatic bidding: Buy, buy, baby | The Economist

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