Friday, 5 September 2014

Programmatic transparency

The amount of ad dollars spent on programmatic advertising has grown exponentially in the last few years. At the same time so have marketers' desire to know exactly where those ad dollars are spent, which sites their banners ad appear, and that the clicks they received for genuine. Those agencies, trading desks, SSPs, DSPs who can demonstrate that they can successfully safeguard advertisers' campaigns will see this become a much desired advantage and a strong unique selling point.

"The overarching question for advertisers of all sizes is how they actually know that they have received what they have paid for. With click fraud so rampant, it's an area that a brand would rightfully want assurance on.

The crucial issue for the big brands is how they can be sure their brand name doesn't get put against inappropriate material."

An another big question is the ownership of data. Once a tag is dropped on the advertisers' website, the ads are uploaded onto the ad server and the campaign begins, all sort of website data can be harnessed and kept. Who do you allow to have access to such intimate details about your business is vital. "Programmatic makes a lot of sense when executed professionally with reputable partners -- and when it comes to partners, there are many technology-based vendors and platforms coming forward which can either be a resource that agencies use or just as easily, a tool that advertisers use directly without the aid of an agency."

More at Programmatic Transparency Could Drive A Wedge Between Clients And Agencies 09/04/2014

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